Wednesday, July 29, 2009

handcuffed to a fence in mississippi

Peaches, cream.

"Do you need a juicer?"

My mother called me from a yard sale in Connecticut, where she was visiting her father. There was a "W.W.I. Juice Extractor" there and she wanted to know if I was interested.  WWI is the brand name, apparently, not the vintage.  

I had considered juicers when I made more money, but never found one that didn't seem ... too exorbitantly priced, regardless of the fact that I could afford it.  But a yard sale juicer, likely never used?  Sure.  Why not.

The thing isn't very efficient and I haven't tried it on anything harder like beets or carrots yet, but I got a few cups of peach juice out of some so-so local peaches, reduced it down with a few peppermint leaves from the front yard, and added gelatin and lemon juice.  Chilled it until I had a firm jello, and sliced.  No added sugar here -- instead I reduced the peach juice until it was intense enough.  Had they been better peaches, I would have wanted to preserve the fresh flavor, but that's not what was going on.  Some creme de noyaux -- I'll talk about that another time -- would have worked well, or some ginger.  Cinnamon maybe.  Port.  Bourbon.  Plenty of possibilities.  The lemon here is pretty pronounced, it's almost a peach lemonade gelatin.

Plain old cream, from good old Hood.


  1. That looks so cool and refreshing, yum. Perfect for a hot summer day. I still don't have a juicer yet, but if I did I'd make a lot of drinks with ginger juice.

  2. I have one but I can't clean it! It doesn't come apart...any suggestions!? Yard sale item for me as well!