Friday, August 7, 2009

science has shown that a person's character isn't really established until he's at least five years old

The final fate of the various boiled peanuts:

plain boiled peanuts in salted water

one pint smoked boiled peanut puree -- smoky, salty, fantastic, a soup base for some other time. The bacon of legumes. I might just thin it with broth and serve it on its own, or I might add dumplings or blue hubbard squash.

young peanuts cooked in coconut water with lime juice, ginger, and sriracha -- the winner of all the non-traditionals

peanuts boiled in Rogue chocolate stout -- fine but nothing to write home about, mostly a way to use up the stout

peanuts boiled with crawfish boil seasoning

young peanuts pickled with vinegar and Coca-Cola syrup

one pint or so, uncooked shelled green peanuts, frozen. Soup? Bean dip? Small portions of cassoulet? "Boston baked beans"? Chili? Refried beans? They're labor-intensive enough that I didn't want to shell more than this, so I can only really do one or two of the above.

Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention!

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