Monday, September 21, 2009

take your protein pills

My third time using my juicer, I decided to juice the two bags of cranberries that were taking up needed space in the "so full you would not believe it" freezer (I mean, I don't have room for the ice cube tray).  They were there just in case I wanted to have Thanksgiving in May or something, you know, since my local supermarket only carries cranberries in the fall.  But it's fall now.  So they no longer needed to be saved.

I got a scant cup of juice.  Part of that is that my juicer isn't all that efficient, I think, but I imagine cranberries aren't terribly juicy either.  The stuff you buy in the store is usually sweetened and diluted.  This was ... dark as beet blood.  If beets had that.  And tart.

So it became cocktails, obviously.


3 oz unsweetened cranberry juice

3 oz gin

1 1/2 oz Campari

1/2 oz St Germain

(Play with proportions as you like.  I also made variations with Creole Shrubb -- any orange liqueur would work -- instead of the St Germain, but the orange flavor of that is pronounced enough that I felt it overwhelmed the cranberry.)

Hangover remedy:

2 Goody's headache powders

200ml Fever Tree Bitter Lemon

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