Sunday, October 4, 2009

what a super-strong guy

Concord grape cocktail

I like Concord grapes, but the problem is that having had fox grapes this summer ... well, the Concords just make me miss the fox grapes.  It's the difference between farmed and wild salmon, let's say, or a decent burger and a really great burger.

Luckily I preserved some fox grapes in maraschino liqueur, which made a good addition to this cocktail:

3 oz tequila

1 oz lemon juice 

3/4 oz St Germain elderflower liqueur

12 Concord grapes

Muddle (smash those grapes up), mix, and strain.  Add a couple maraschino fox grapes.

My thinking was that the St Germain has a note that reminds me of white grape juice, and another that either reminds me of agave or just smells like it would go well with agave ... I can't decide.  Either way, this all gets along nicely.

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