Wednesday, January 27, 2010

holy roman empire

Cocktail grapefruit

Just as the Meyer lemon is not a lemon, the cocktail grapefruit is not a grapefruit: it's a cross between a mandarin and a pummelo.  Since a grapefruit is a cross between a pummelo and the sweet orange, you can see why there are some similarities.  But both the pummelo and the cocktail grapefruit lack the true grapefruit's characteristic bitterness: the cocktail grapefruit is instead a sweet, juicy, low-acid fruit with a mild grapefruit flavor.

(An easy way to cut supremes, as you can see, is to "carve" the grapefruit like you would a pineapple, and then slice the segments out in wedges.)


The cocktail grapefruit supremes were part of a composed salad, if you like that term: blanched charred chilled Savoy cabbage, lamb's lettuce, three hard cheeses (Pecorino Romano, gouda, cave-aged gruyere), bresaola, salami, cocktail grapefruit, cocktail grapefruit/lemon juice, hazelnut oil.

(Bresaola is sort of like beef prosciutto, though it's not especially salty: air-dried lean beef, sliced tissue-paper-thin.)

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  1. In my effort to make everything all about me today...

    This is beautiful. It looks soooo yummy, I could just eat it up. What's the problem? I CAN'T! I'd put the freakin' thing in my freakin' mouth and gag on the leaves, while whining that I wanted to eat it.

    Maybe one day, with lots of hypnotherapy.