Monday, November 22, 2010

Probably my only post until after Thanksgiving - dealing with the aftermath of a fire (no one hurt) and then I'll need to catch up on work.  I can tell you this much about the cuisine of a post-fire condo: everything you make tastes like bacon.

But I have some new-to-me vegetables:

Parsley root, salsify, wild red watercress

Left to right: parsley root (it only looks like a parsnip, doesn't taste like it), black salsify, wild red watercress.

The parsley root and watercress will almost certainly go in the post-Thanksgiving turkey soup, with (real) wild rice, celery, and other root vegetables.  I bought enough salsify - it was cheap - to try some in advance of Thanksgiving, so I haven't decided yet what I'm doing with it.

(Other items, picked up at Idylwilde: a Buddha's hand that I'll make marmalade or some kind of infusion with, wild arugula, Humboldt Fog and raw milk Morbier, Spanish chorizo and lomo, skin-on Marcona almonds.  Some of this may play into a Thanksgiving notion I haven't finalized yet - turkey and chorizo and various seasonings rolled into the turkey skin and roasted.)

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