Saturday, January 1, 2011


Yankees don't know about eating black eyed peas on New Year's for good luck. This is why they always start the year with such shitty weather and can't even grow strawberries until June.

I made a sort of red beans and rice thing, with lamb shank cured into ham and simmered with Rio Zape beans and bay leaves, and then shredded. Added some smoked chaurice - Louisiana's third best sausage, after boudin and fresh chaurice (sorry andouille, you're #5 at best, after green onion sausage).

Black-eyed peas

The black-eyed peas are deep-fried, drained, seasoned with Old Bay and hot sauce. The onions are pickled - red beans and rice always, always tastes best with a little bit of pickled onion or pickled garlic, don't ask me why. That's how you do.

Also, happy birthday to my brother! He turns 32 today.


  1. Some of us know about it; we just don't like eating nasty shit.

    Besides, I *like* Yankee weather.

  2. BTW, I was talking about black eyed peas, not about the regular content of your blog.