Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brunch this morning:
Tarragon, shallot, lamb scrambled eggs; okra and eggplant paprikash
Breakfast is so often easiest to make with leftovers.  In this case I'd had a bunch of sauce left over from making goose leg paprikash, so earlier this week I had added it to sauteed okra and eggplant, and today had some of that as the side with scrambled eggs: eggs, half and half, butter, shallots, a bit of chopped leftover lamb (from a smoked forequarter which I will blog about soon), and lots of tarragon.

Tarragon is an herb I mean to use more often. Though only vaguely related to basil and mint - both families are in the same clade - it tastes like a very licoricey basil. Shallots are one of the best combinations I know of with it, but I want to play around more, maybe see how it works with Asian food, with pho, with a bahn mi. I'm going to see about growing it this summer if I can find a plant.

Bonus weekend coverage: last night dessert was key lime brulee, which was Caitlin's idea - key lime slices sprinkled with sugar and torched.

Key lime brulee

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