Friday, March 26, 2010

give me your best shot, pal, I can take it

Another shopping excursion at Battambang Market in Little Cambodia (preceded as always by pizza at Stromboli's in Billerica). Most of the meat, of course, will go in the freezer for after Lent.

Champagne mango, young coconut juice, sarsaparilla

Champagne mangos, frozen young coconut juice, that sarsaparilla I love.

Pork and beef

Pig tails, "flank steak" (it's flank, it's not a steak cut), pig ears, pork belly.

Spring rolls, mung bean cakes

Spring rolls and mung bean cakes. Usually I get a bahn mi, but I didn't see any today.

Squid heads, pigs' feet

They also didn't have any duck! The cost of supermarket duck doubled (literally doubled) a year or so ago, and Little Cambodia has been my duck source since, and the only place that sells duck parts, not just whole ducks. But today, no ducks at all, except the non-eviscerated frozen ducks (which are no cheaper than the supermarket eviscerated ducks).

But sometimes life hands you duck, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes when it doesn't, you shrug and take the opportunity to buy squid heads for the first time.

Also pictured, pigs' feet.

Frog legs

Frog legs!


Chinese celery, fufu flour, chi pra har, curry leaf, maras prov. Maras prov is new to me. No idea what it is.


Shallots for a DOLLAR for a whole thing of them like that there. Daaaamn.

Chinese watercress, "chi fish" (also new to me), "cooked peeled young corn" (most of which is green), also new to me.



Oh man I wish I was making chili sometime soon. Well, I'll make vegetarian chili, that's all there is to it.

Also, ngo om, basil, and Asian greens of some sort.


Chile peppers, long beans, cha plue leaf (new to me), unmarked green leaf.

Not pictured: cane vinegar, calamansi soy sauce, and various fish: six salmon heads, six catfish heads, two pounds of squid, and a redfish.

I got multiple packages of many of the things pictured above. All told, about thirty pounds of fish, fifteen pounds of meat, twenty packages of vegetables. Total? $155. And they gave me a free cookbook.

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