Wednesday, April 28, 2010

cream pies and seltzer bottles

Turkey, stuffing, gravy.

When I'm cooking for just me, any gravy I make tends to be pretty rustic.  There might be some shreds of meat in it, or displaced bits of stuffing that fell out of the bird while roasting.  And it's usually made the day after the bird cooked, which a) makes it easy to separate the fat out from the drippings and b) means I have some turkey stock to work with, which likely simmered all night.

Scoop the fat off the drippings and fond.  Make a roux with some of it and some flour in a pan.  Cook some thin sliced onions and ramps in the roux.  Add the drippings and turkey stock.  Simmer for five or six minutes.  Add a little cream.  Season with salt and summer savory.

Rustic, but ridiculously flavorful, and whatever's left will go into a pot pie.

Yeah, I said ramps.  More on ramps coming up, and fiddleheads, rhubarb, and green almonds.  It's spring!

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