Saturday, April 24, 2010


Failed dulce de yogurt

This would not be a very useful blog if I only told you about the successes.

What happens if we sweeten and jar some yogurt and cook it in a pot of simmering water the way you cook sweetened condensed milk to make dulce de leche?

Well, nothing worth repeating, that's what.  It took a long time for the sugar to caramelize -- I suppose I didn't sweeten it as MUCH as sweetened condensed milk -- and the yogurt became unpleasantly grainy and dry.

I should skim through McGee to see if there's a solution: at what temperature will yogurt do that, and is it a higher temperature than the temperature at which sugar caramelizes?  Maybe it could be cooked longer at a sub-boiling temperature, in other words.  I suspect not, but I feel compelled to speculate.

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  1. Yogurt starts to get weird at like 90 Celsius, long before anything caramelizes. I don't think dulcing the leche before you turn it into yogurt would work either -- the same denaturing of the milk proteins would happen.