Friday, April 8, 2011

jo jo taipei

More Boston eats, photos courtesy of Caitlin. We ordered in from Jo Jo Taipei, a Taiwanese joint.


The star of the meal: bean curd sheets with edamame and mustard greens. I'm always interested in seeing how various cuisines put greens to use, and I'd never had bean curd sheets before. This was seriously delicious - very few mustard greens, as you can see, just enough for seasoning, and the edamame were perfectly cooked.

szechuan dumplings

The other star of the meal: Szechuan Cho-Show, "spicy wontons with sesame paste." So good, but the sauce is certainly spicy.



Taiwanese-style pan-fried dumplings. Seemed pretty much the same as other dumplings! But they were good.



Fried eggplant pockets filled with pork. I didn't have them, but Caitlin said they were good.



Glutinous rice sausage! So cool. "Will it be vegetarian?" we wondered. It was - the sausage filling is glutinous rice with nuts and spices (definitely some cinnamon, not sure what else). Really really good and unexpected.



The innocuously named "fried steamed buns." Steamed, fried, and then topped with sweetened condensed milk and peanuts - peanut butter doughnuts! Sort of.

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