Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last weekend, Caitlin picked up some za'atar burrata - while burrata is usually a little purse of fresh mozzarella stuffed with butter or cream and more fresh mozz, this had za'atar (sumac, thyme, and sesame) mixed in, along with some labneh (yogurt drained until the thickness of cream cheese). Very very cool stuff.

Za'atar Burrata
Pasta Closeup
We tossed it with egg noodles, Italian sausage, and some creamed broccoli raab she had made earlier in the week - perfect combination.

Greens, Sausage, Za'atar Burrata

As for more recently? The bizarre record-breaking October snowstorm that pummelled parts of New England left me without power for the weekend. Saturday night we cooked pieces of white pudding over a candle flame while playing Guillotine, and Sunday morning we had leftover apple crisp with rapidly melting ice cream for breakfast.

Thankfully the power is back on earlier for me than for many people, and in the meantime I discovered that if you make a pot of coffee at your brother's, pour it into an empty whiskey bottle (I have no travel mugs, somehow), and take it home and bundle it in blankets, it will stay warm for hours.

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