Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I really only have two Thanksgiving tips, and I think people routinely ignore the first one:

1: Turkey is stupid crazy cheap right now. It's the cheapest protein in the store. It's cheaper than canned beans. So. Buy a bunch of turkeys.

You can freeze one and save $20-30 off what you'd pay for Thanksgiving In July. You can carve off a bunch of raw meat and use it instead of chicken in white chili, curry, etc. You can fry turkey cutlets.

But if nothing else, you should go buy a six dollar turkey and make sixty dollars worth of stock.  If you have a big enough pot - you probably don't, even my lobster pot is not really big enough - you can just put the turkey straight in it, bring it to a simmer, leave it until tomorrow night. This alone is well worth it! But more than likely you'll need to chop the turkey into smaller parts in order to make stock in batches, in which case you may as well roast those parts too, and add some celery and carrot and onion skins. This is still a minimal investment of effort and money. If you do it the weekend before Thanksgiving, you have a great stock to use to baste the turkey, make your gravy, etc.

2: Turkey sandwiches are an easy way to break up the monotony of reheating-a-plate-of-leftovers, because turkey is a pretty blank canvas and you can incorporate all sorts of flavors into a sandwich. Sharp cheddar and chutney. Goat cheese and tomato jam. Kimchi, roasted garlic, and bean sprouts dressed with sesame oil. Avocado and finger lime vesicles. Comeback sauce and pickled okra. Roasted eggplant, pomegranate molasses, and walnuts. All of it easier than turkey pot pie, turkey hash, etc., and much further afield in flavor.

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  1. FFS, I'm a vegetarian and this made me hungry! :)