Monday, November 21, 2011

Remember what I just said about picking up turkey while it's cheap?

3 turkeys, $20.

6 turkey wings, each of them at least one serving. Like duck wings, turkey wings have skin that can be leathery cooked by most methods, but they braise REALLY well. Plan on things like adobo or smothered turkey wings, or turkey wings braised in soy sauce and orange juice, with the braising liquid reduced into a glaze with the addition of chiles, ginger, and sugar.

6 turkey thighs, each of them two or more servings. I froze four of them. With the last two, I used the pint of accumulated turkey fat from all these endeavors and made confit of turkey thighs and popes' noses.

A few turkey breast cutlets to make sandwiches from, and a Zip-Loc freezer back of turkey breast chunks for something like white chili.

One turkey cavity I used to cook stuffing in.

Five lobster pots full of turkey stock.

A pint of "gravy base" - the fond from roasting all these turkey parts, loosened from the pan with a little stock.

I could have put aside MUCH more meat if I liked drumsticks or if I liked turkey breast more, but as it is I have about 25 servings for $20, in addition to a shitload of stock and much richer gravy than we'd otherwise be having at Thanksgiving.

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