Tuesday, December 6, 2011

bahn whee

Caitlin (who took the photos) calls this the Bahn WHEE. The idea started when I made fennel kimchi while making a big batch of many other kimchis, and once it was nice and fermented and pungent and garlicky, I said, okay, what shall I do with it?

A sandwich, I thought. A steak sandwich.
Banh WHEE (not actual name)
So I started with a steak and fennel kimchi sandwich. Then this weekend we made the rounds of some of our favorite places in Cambridge - Flat Patties for lunch, Hugo in 3D at Loews Harvard Square, a stop at Colonial Drug, then onto the T to Central Square for Central Bottle (cheese and guanciale), Flour (Boston cream pie to go), Toscanini's (ice cream - espresso lemon and wort for me - yes, wort ice cream! so amazingly malty - nocciola and khulfee for her), and Lotte (the Korean market).

The sandwich developed.

Banh WHEE (not actual name)
Surprisingly, the fennel kimchi, as garlicky as it is, didn't dominate. A Portuguese sheep's milk cheese I now forget the name of did - it was sheepy the way goat cheese can be goaty.

Banh WHEE (not actual name)

Boneless ribeye, seared, rested, and sliced;
links of linguica;
fennel kimchi;
sheep's milk cheese;
blanched, sauteed mustard greens;
daikon sprouts (very sharp and peppery).

Banh WHEE (not actual name)

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