Monday, February 13, 2012

With a week to go until Lent, I just pulled all the meat out of the freezer to see what I should thaw and have this week, what I should leave to have for once a week meat meals, etc. The inventory:

Many pig tails (I apparently buy them whenever I see them, out of fear I will run out)
Duck leg quarter
"Chinese" sausage
Actual Filipino sausage - one pork and rice, one longanisa
Pork blood
Lamb kidneys
Shaved pork
Shaved beef
Unidentified item that was probably obvious when I froze it - most likely a duck breast or de-boned skin-on chicken thigh
Hog's head cheese
Pork belly
Spare ribs
Beef marrow

There you go, that's my meat footprint. Plus a turkey in my mother's freezer.

(Highlights of the Lent-friendly items in there - squid, smoked mussels, monkfish liver, belly lox, soft-shell crabs, lots of Maine shrimp, lots of cranberry beans.)

The lamb kidneys will probably be used in something from the Nero Wolfe Cookbook, a Christmas present from Caitlin (see also the excellent Inspired by Wolfe blog, by a fellow foodblogging Rex Stout fan). The pork blood? Blood tacos, obviously. You thought I was gonna say dinuguan. I'm keeping you on your toes.

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