Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day 2012: drinks

Campari, gin, torched limes, lake

Not many photos of our drinks from Labor Day up at the lake, except this one - one of my drinks, which I kept coming back to: Campari, gin, and fresh squeezed lime juice. (In this case I drizzled the lime halves with honey and hit them with the blowtorch first, to warm them up and make them juice better, and to add more bitterness.) It's your basic Campari summer drink, a Negroni with citrus instead of vermouth.

Caitlin wants to make sure I note the drink I made for her so we remember the proportions: more or less 1 oz gin, 1 oz lime juice (perhaps a bit less), 1/2 oz orgeat, 1/2 oz Chambord, with a few drops of chartreuse elixir vegetal.

Following up on the raspberry-almond combination of that drink, we had a Campari-orgeat fizz, for lack of another name: more or less 1 oz gin, 1 oz lime juice, 3/4 oz orgeat, 1/4 oz (perhaps a bit less) Campari - just enough to make it pink - and an egg white, shaken like hell with a few ice cubes, more or less strained, and topped with a few drops of orange bitters.

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