Saturday, October 16, 2010

shoulder cheese

Sometimes when you have leftovers - a slider's worth of ground beef, some bacon, beet greens, cooked pork skin - you make pate.


The bacon and the pork skin were ground up, mixed with the ground beef and a beaten egg and the beet greens, and seasoned with a little hot sauce, thyme, and ginger.  After resting in a ring mold for a day, it was covered and cooked at 350 until cooked through - then cooled for a day in the fridge before being unmolded.  A lot of the fat from the bacon was lost - the ringmold isn't water-tight - but the gelatin is what's most important.  In fact, if this were made with the head of the pig instead of skin from the picnic shoulder, it'd pretty much be head cheese - the skin and the gelatin give it a bounce that's different from your usual pate.

Works cold, room temp, or seared to crisp it up a bit, though warming it up will of course melt the gelatin, so you could have it fall apart on you.

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