Sunday, March 27, 2011

I said to myself, "I need to do something with that leftover smoked trout."

"What about something like a tuna melt?"

"Yeah, I don't like tuna melts."

"I know I know. Something like a tuna melt. But with trout."

"But I don't really ... I don't like tuna melts."

"It's like a tuna melt except for everything else."

"Everything else what?"

"Everything but the tuna."

"The tuna is trout!"

"Soooo... we're good."


Instead of canned tuna and mayo and cheese and bread under a broiler: smoked trout, a little creamy curry sauce, mozzarella, and a medium-boiled egg (as for curry, cf earlier post), in pizza dough, deep-fried, with chutneys. Sounds busy, but there's not much curry sauce in there - just enough to moisten the smoked trout and complement the chutneys.

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