Thursday, July 21, 2011

day 4

Day 4, local temperature approx. a hundred and fuck you degrees Fahrenchrist

Coffee, French press, same as before.

I water the garden while the coffee is brewing, and it's already hot and humid out - a good day to not have to cook. The heat is good for the serranos and the rau ram, though.

Strain the chicken stock.

Big Salad prep - wash the butter lettuce (it's from the farm stand and visibly dirty), pecan vinaigrette (pecans, pecan oil, sherry vinegar - adjusted a few times because I keep using too much vinegar - sriracha, barley miso, touch of mustard for emulsion) blitzed in the Magic Bullet

I chop up a pineapple. I'm not totally sure how this chamoy thing works - I've got the accumulated salted watermelon juice, to which I added the juice that came out of the watermelon while it was smoking. Well, I add some ground guajillo chile to that, and dump some of the pineapple in. Did you know that if you soak pineapple in saltwater, it neutralizes the enzyme that irritates your mouth? News you can use.

Lunch - Big Salad - butter lettuce, cucumber, smoked watermelon, a little chicken, pecan vinaigrette. Hm, the smoked watermelon is okay, but you don't taste much aside from the smoke - if I could do cold-smoking, that might work better. Or just smoke it for a shorter period. The texture is like raw tuna.

Made some onion dip for the weekend.

Defrag the fridge - make soup - the leftover chicken goes in the pot with the chicken stock, chopped fennel leftover from salad fixings, tomato puree leftover from making the pizza, fresh fava beans, some of the dried squash, marjoram, and thyme

Cooked up some taco filling - basic ground beef stuff - for the weekend. Chopped up a cantaloupe. Chopped up a watermelon.

Pellegrino Limonata and Aperol.

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