Monday, January 23, 2012

The atmosphere at Sunset Grill and Tap is loud, young, and collegiate (much like the web page), but I don't care - their beer list is amazing. The burgers were better than they needed to be - when the menu goes on for that many pages, you figure they serve too many things to excel at any one of them, and that the food is mainly there to have lots of options to go with the literally hundreds of beers served.

I got to try a few beers I either hadn't been able to find (Lindeman's Faro, the lambic with added Belgian candy sugar instead of fruit - the only Lindeman's lambic I hadn't tried before) or wasn't sure I wanted to commit to a whole bottle of (Stone's 2011 Vertical Epic, brewed with cinnamon and chiles - neither of which was actually very prominent, as it turned out; and Dogfish Head's Hellhound on My Ale, an IPA that I liked, but not as much as a lot of their other offerings).

The highlight, by far, was Duchesse de Bourgogne, one of the best beers I've had ... maybe the best. Sour, but not like a lambic - the sourness is predominantly acetic (vinegary), not citric or malic, and it's more noticeably yeasty. Just an incredible beer.

That was Saturday night. The night before, I spatchcocked and roasted a chicken (rubbed with butter mixed with this Eastern European spice blend from Bazaar; 50 minutes at 450), and while it rested, cooked turnip greens in the pan drippings, along with a lot of ginger and garlic. Roasting by me, photos by Caitlin:

Chicken and greens Turnip greens Mmmm, chicken skin

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