Monday, June 4, 2012


I've fallen behind, thanks to work, vacation, and a vicious sinus infection, in that order. I'd best blog a little while I remember what the photos are of.

We tried to do as much seasonally appropriate food as we could on that aforementioned vacation (Memorial Day weekend at the lake). Caitlin had picked up chive blossoms, pink oyster mushrooms, and fava greens (like a cross between baby greens and pea shoots), and burgers seemed appropriate:

Lamb burger
Lamb burger with fava greens and chive blossoms - see, at about 5 o'clock you can see one of them has fallen off the bun - on a Martin's potato roll (of course) with Sandwich Creamery coulommier. This cheese was a hell of a thing. We're big fans of Sandwich's sorbet, which is what we were in the store looking for (with no luck), but Caitlin spotted their cheeses and we decided to try this one. Wikipedia describes coulommier as fairly brie-like, but this was chalkier - in a good way, like goat cheese - with a lemony, buttermilk-like tang that was a) amazing and b) perfect with the fresh greens, sharp chive, and lamb.

Chive blossoms remind me of being a little kid - we had chives growing around the house, and I'd eat them raw all the time.

Cheeseburger with chive blossoms and garlic-herb tub cheese
The chive blossoms are more obvious in Caitlin's photo of our other burgers - regular hamburgers, Squire Mountain garlic and herb tub cheese, chive blossoms, and ketchup. Tub cheese is sort of like Yankee pimento cheese, blended with cream cheese and margarine instead of mayonnaise.

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