Wednesday, June 20, 2012

strawberry season

The annual strawberry season post, on a ridiculously hot first day of summer - the collards in my garden are drooping!

Strawberries; stuffed strawberries
Sliced strawberries with a little sugar and a little Australian fruit spice - the last of my stash that I have eked out for eight years. It's terrific stuff, but shipping from Australia is ridiculous.

On the right, strawberries stuffed with amaro jelly, which I make almost every year, but which are a pain in the ass: the strawberries, hollowed out with the point of a knife, are sat upright in a bowl, into which I pour San Pellegrino soda (grapefruit this year, with a few tarragon leaves) which has been mixed with gelatin. When the soda firms up, it holds the strawberries in place. Though it is taking a long time to set up this year, and as you can see, the strawberry at five o'clock fell over.

Anyway, once they are held in place, I pour another warm gelatin into the hollows - Zucca Rarbarbaro (substitute Campari) mixed with Amarula cream liqueur.

Strawberries and tarragon in bourbon
Strawberries and tarragon in a jar of bourbon, which will become strawberry bounce.

I will strain this in a couple months - probably when drowning my sorrows in August over the fact that the country's sour cherry crop has been decimated - and then add sugar to the berries to pull more liquid out, in order to get as much strawberry flavor as possible.

These strawberries are from Lull Farm in Hollis; I should make a point more often of mentioning the producers I buy from.

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