Sunday, July 1, 2012

the emblem of the land I love

What says Fourth of July weekend more than hamburgers, right? Or Canada Day, I guess. Whatever lights your Roman candle.

There's this trick with eggs. Sometimes I think a major purpose of this blog is to tell you interesting things about eggs. Separate the egg, put the yolk in a clean container, and freeze it. Don't just get it cold - you want it all the way froze. Thaw it.

Thickened egg yolk
The yolk is now thickened. It's hard to demonstrate this in a still photograph, I suppose. This only took a few hours for me - I have a new refrigerator and I keep the freezer fairly cold. Plan for overnight, to be safe.

Thickened egg yolk, crispy pepperoni
This demonstrates the texture a bit better. That may look like Kraft macaroni and cheese sauce, but it's just egg yolk thickened by freezing and thawing. On the other slice of bread I have some pepperoni cooked to a crisp.

Add a little ketchup, a little sriracha, a Pat La Frieda burger, and some Kool Aid watermelon rind pickles ...

Burger, Kool Aid watermelon rind pickles

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