Saturday, July 7, 2012

farm stands 7/7/12

When I lived in Indiana, I was pretty diligent about jotting down what I had picked up at the farmer's market every week - it was handy to look back on and see what's in season when. I should do that for the farm stands here.

Kimball Fruit Farm:

All local -

Baby beets (mix of red and gold) with greens
Dinosaur kale (interestingly, a ruffled kale, not the long thick dark kale I think of as dinosaur kale)


Non-local figs

All local -

Red kale
Garlic scapes
Kohlrabi (75 cents each and enormous)
Purple beans
Sugar snap peas
Green oak lettuce
Green crisp lettuce
Several varieties of summer squash

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  1. Goodluck for such business. Farming is one of the interesting and happy work to do.