Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fried chicken sandwiches this weekend:

Fried chicken sandwich

Garlic and herb fried chicken: boneless skin-on chicken thigh marinated two days in buttermilk blended with garlic cloves and herbs (basil, rau ram, tarragon), dredged in self-rising flour, and deep-fried 12 minutes; bread-and-butter pickled summer squash diced with raw green tomato and misozuke ramps; smoked Dorset cheese; slices of supermarket tomato; and raw Tuscan kale rubbed with garlic vinaigrette (rubbing raw kale helps break it down and make it tender, per Ruth Reichl).

Summer usually means a lot of fried chicken sandwiches - I have more chicken thighs marinating in buttermilk, chiles, and cumin - as well as a lot of fresh herbs to use up. This year I'm also trying to eat a lot of squash - it's nutritious, it's local, it's cheap (or free when I can get it from my mother), I'm just so picky about it.  Pickled squash works well! About one part water, one part sugar, two parts vinegar, with various seasonings.

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