Saturday, September 18, 2010

Highlights of a trip to Little Cambodia:


Longan.  Similar to lychee or rambutan, a longan is easily peeled, with a mild, firm, juicy fruit inside.

French Makok

Makok.  Spondias dulcis - a member of the cashew family.  Extremely fragrant, exotic rind with a lot of tartness to it; mild, crisp fruit.  Very very good. 

Unlaid eggs

Unlaid chicken eggs.  When a hen is slaughtered, it often has eggs it hasn't laid yet, in various stages of development.  There are a number of uses - in the South in the old days, these would have been served in the soup made from the hen.

This morning we had a "kitchen sink" breakfast using things already on hand combined with things from Battambang in Little Cambodia - sweet Chinese sausage stir-fried with okra, tomatoes, culantro, sweet potato leaves, and garlic, with fried eggs.  (We're assuming these are sweet potato leaves, at least - the label says "potato leaves," but I thought those were poisonous.)

Other acquisitions, apart from the usual herbs and meats - a couple of trays of unidentified fruit sold with sugar or salt to dip them in; "baby duck eggs" (balut); lychee black tea; sugar cane juice and roasted coconut juice; and durian candies and cookies.  Caitlin and I are basically taking the weekend and just seeing what we think of to make with all this.

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