Friday, September 24, 2010

this week's pizza: the chorizo oddball

The thing is I'm very busy.

So I must not have been paying much attention when I mixed the pizza dough, because it was very wet.  Very very wet.  It poured out of the mixing bowl like ... well, like a pizza dough wet enough to pour.  It couldn't be pulled or shaped at all.

Let's see what happens, I thought.

The first pizza I made with it was all right.  The crust tasted good - it came out cracker-crisp on the bottom, bready on top.  But I thought, hm, I have an idea.

The second pizza became the Chorizo Oddball:


I took the dough and mixed chopped chorizo and grated Pecorino Romano in it, and let it rise until it just wouldn't rise no more.  Instead of pouring/draping it into the hot cornmeal-dusted cast-iron like I had with the first one, I dumped it quickly onto the pan and then pulled it from the center to the sides using two spatulas - which is why the dough is sort of heaped up around the rim.

Blasted it at 500 for a few minutes with no sauce or cheese, which meant I sort of made my own Boboli shell here.

Topped it with the same sauce as before, and the same local cheese I used in my last pizza post (I forget the name).  Added more chorizo.  Blasted it again.

This works better.  Blasting the crust by itself improved the texture a lot - there's a crunch to it that I really like.  The Pecorino's sure not hurting either.

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