Monday, September 6, 2010

My aforementioned novel Low Country features chicken-skin sandwiches in an early scene, which Caitlin and I decided to have over Labor Day weekend.  What I ended up making, though, isn't much like the sandwiches in the book, but instead crossed over with French fry poboys - the original poboy, a sandwich of nothing but French fries and gravy.

Chicken skin / French fry poboy

Deep-fried chicken skin (just skins from chicken thighs dropped into the deep fryer at 375 for about 4-5 minutes), French fries, rich beef gravy, and goat cheese, on a homemade baguette.  Mine has hot sauce, hers didn't.

I have to tell you ... my full review of Presto's Cool Daddy deep fryer is coming up sometime this month after I've had a chance to see how it handles larger quantities ... but just based on what I've done so far I consider it well worth the ~$50 price, and I didn't really expect to.  Deep fryers come in three basic price points - the cheapest ones with no temperature control, the ones at the $50-80 price point that usually have temperature control and a few other features, and the high-end ones at $200.  I expected there would be a good chance that a $50 deep fryer would be finicky enough that it would be really high maintenance and a pain in the ass to use, which is why I'd never bought one.  But it's handled everything terrifically.

Also of note: we decided to get ice cream at Dairy Queen on Friday because of Labor Day being the end of summer and all, and I ordered a marshmallow malt.  DQ just makes their shakes by combining their sundae toppings with soft-serve, so the options are a little different than usual.  Now, I'm usually a creature of habit with shakes: any time it's an option, I get a cherry malted; if it isn't, I get a vanilla malted; if I'm somewhere without malt powder, then usually a coffee shake.  But I just thought, fuck it, I'll try a marshmallow malted - and it was damn good.  It was almost like a vanilla malt with an aftertaste like Lucky Charms.

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