Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Like I said last time I blogged about squid, there are two ways to cook it: slow and very fast. Fried calamari, like I made that time, is very fast. This is the other one:

Squid stuffed with chorizo

Squid stuffed with smoked chaurice, in tomato sauce (with fried calamari alongside).

Cleaning squid is easier than you'd think - I used this guide and it took like two minutes to do four squid, most of which was peeling the skin off (which isn't even necessary).

The stuffing is nothing but smoked chaurice coarsely ground in the Cuisinart - no breadcrumbs, onions, binder, nothing like that, just the sausage. The tomato sauce on the other hand is more complex: I'm cleaning the freezer out a bit and happened to have a quart of fennel/mushroom stock (made with white mushrooms, porcinis, and fennel). So I reduced that with a couple cups of tomato puree and some crushed red pepper and salt, and boom, tomato sauce.

After stuffing - which is a pain in the ass - the squid bodies are covered in tomato sauce and cooked for ninety minutes at 350. They come out tender, not at all rubbery. Still definitely squid, but you can cut it with a fork.

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