Monday, September 19, 2011

baaaaalls (that's Caitlin's joke)

As previously recounted, when I bought a lamb's head in Boston, the butcher also sold me a bunch of lamb testicles - six, as it turned out, two of them considerably smaller than the others.

This weekend I finally got round to cooking them, though didn't think to take photos. We had testicles two days: fried, alongside fried chicken; and in a simple curry with okra and tomato.

In both cases, basic prep was the same - I skinned the testicles, marinated them in buttermilk and spices, and sliced them before cooking. The fried testicles were battered just like the chicken (buttermilk, egg, and self-rising flour); the curry was chopped testicles, okra, tomatoes, and curry powder, simmered for half an hour.

The texture was a little like chicken breast, but more tender and without perceptible grain. Caitlin compared the fried testicles to fried oysters. The flavor is very mild - you'd never guess you were eating lamb, certainly.

Definitely something I'd do again!

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