Thursday, September 22, 2011

I will forget later to tell you what I've done, so this is so I don't. The first two steps of the southwestern pho I will post about are:

1: Char a quartered onion and three corn cobs on all sides, in a cast-iron pan. Add to a stock pot with beef short ribs and marrow bones. Barely simmer, for 24 hours.

2: Strain hot stock into a bowl with a cinnamon stick, hoja santa leaves, Mexican oregano, coriander seed, and cumin seed. Let steep, cool, and strain through cloth, to get as clear a stock as possible.


  1. Do you save the short rib meat? When I make stock (using beef neckbones), I usually give the meat to my dog, since beef that's been simmering unsalted for that long is kinda ehhhhhhh...

  2. Usually I don't use the meat. I grew up making turkey stock with the turkey carcass and then laboriously picking the meat off and adding it to the soup, but these days I'm more likely to cook a stock much, much longer - a full 24 hours, not just the half a day we did for turkey stock - which doesn't leave much flavor in the meat.

    When there's an exception, it's usually smoked pork stock, especially if I didn't smoke it myself (the storebought stuff is much smokier than what I can do at home), because it seems to retain some smoky flavor.