Friday, August 27, 2010

chicks and ducks and geese better scurry, I'm gonna fry you up in a hurry

That CSN freebie?  I got a deep-fryer.  Full review in September, but early word is it's performing considerably better than expected for the price.

I was going to write this on the whiteboard and then thought, why not the blog, make it a social contract.

Fresh Tomato To-Do List:

Tomato pie.

The other tomato pie: warm or room-temp pizza dough with good fresh tomato sauce, no cheese or toppings.

Pizza with tomato slices instead of sauce. No point in doing this the rest of the year, you would be just as well off drawing a picture of a tomato and stapling it to the pizza.

Tomato sauce for pizza/pasta.

Okra and tomatoes.

Corn maque choux.

Tomato sandwiches.

Ratatouille / confit biyaldi.

Red jambalaya.

Tomato jam.

Scrambled eggs or omelette with fresh tomatoes and goat cheese. I know it sounds highly specific, but it's just a particular combination that works so well.

Catalina dressing.


Tomato bread. Tomato bread:tomato::garlic bread:garlic, not raisin bread:raisin - take fresh hot bread, slice a tomato open, squeeze/rub tomato innards all over hot bread, salt, eat.

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