Friday, August 13, 2010

cubic scoops

When I was a kid, local megadairy Hood made a line of ice creams called Cubic Scoops: a carton with alternating flavors in a chessboard pattern.  My favorite was orange sherbet and coffee ice cream, my first exposure to the coffee-orange flavor combination, which I remained a fan of through the General Foods International Coffee days, the Cafe Brulot at restaurants we can only afford when our parents visit us in New Orleans days, and the many cups of morning coffee I've brewed with a little Seville orange peel.

Cubic scoops

Three packets of gelatin.  One cup of coffee with sugar, one can of Orange Crush with a little sugar and a little lemon juice, one cup of milk with sugar.

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  1. I only remember Sealtest: Here's the old commercial:

    I can't believe cookies and cream is still around, yet they got rid of cubic scoops. Just wrong.