Tuesday, August 17, 2010

that voodoo that you do


There's something magical about okra, and it's this:

No matter how you cook it, no matter what you do with it, someone will ask, "Will I like this if I don't like okra?"


That's why it's called okra.  It's not called magical mystical chameleon fruit.

For instance, here's a recipe for people who like okra:

Okra pizza

1: Make a pizza, with a Trader Joe's herbed pizza dough (they're okay, the regular is better) and a simple sauce of garden tomatoes, red bell pepper, red miso, and seasonings.

2: Top it with mozzarella and gouda, and okra, salami, and pancetta.

The okra roasts, and adds a green pepper like flavor.  But it's still okra.

Here's a recipe for people who don't like okra:

1: Eat an apple.

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  1. I love okra! I consider it a treat because it's actually quite difficult to find in my part of the country.

    (I watched that John Cassavetes documentary too. Loved the part where Seymour Cassel reminisces how many takes he had to do running out of the house and down that steep hill in Faces.)