Sunday, August 15, 2010

more new business

In more "upcoming posts" news, CSN Stores has asked me to do a product review of a kitchen item from one of their many online stores, which I'll get to once I settle on my choice.  There are a lot of options - I've thought about something bigger like a Dutch Oven or electric deep-fryer, but the mortars and pestles might best serve the food and drink halves of the blog equally.

Forgot to take a photo of dinner last night: pizza topped with chopped-up lamb chop, collard greens and cherry peppers from the garden, and salami.  Very good - the collards were totally lost in the lamb and salami, but so be it, they added some vitamins.

I'm waiting for the tomatoes on my counter to reach maximum ripeness before making a tomato pie, which will probably be the next entry unless I post about a drink tonight.

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